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Poetry Can is one of the few dedicated poetry development agencies in the UK.

Poetry Can is the poetry charity organisation working to promote poetry in the South West of 

We are dedicated to supporting the creative and professional development of poets of all ages and levels of experience, and to increasing and 
promoting opportunities for everyone to take part in and enjoy poetry.

We present and support a range of high profile events each year, including
Bristol Poetry Festival (supported by University of the West of England) bringing International and National poets to the region and providing opportunity for local poets to read and perform, and our monthly open platform for poets, Can Openers.

Bristol Poetry Prize, and open and affordable poetry competition attracting entrants from around the world.

We organise poetry projects and activities with schools, and with a wide and diverse rang
of organisations and community-based groups. 

Aside from income generated by its activities, Poetry Can now has just one main source of arts funding, Arts Council England, which covers core costs and a few essential activities.


Just to give you an idea of some of our costs: 

  • the average cost of an event at Bristol Poetry Festival would be £750;
  • placing a poet in a school for a morning or an afternoon would cost £150;
  • a poet working for a morning, an afternoon or an evening with a community group would also cost £150.


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There are a number of ways in which you can support Poetry Can.

Become a Poetry Can Member
Enter Bristol Poetry Prize
Donate to Poetry Can


Poetry Can Membership

Membership costs £3 per month and we will ask you to pay this by a standing order with your bank.

All money raised will directly fund Poety Can's work including Bristol Poetry Festival and our education activities.

Members entering the Bristol Poetry Prize will be entitled to two free subsequent entries and also, up to three poetry surgeries

(cost for non-members £15 per surgery) per year  without charge.

For full details and to join please visit Poetry Can membership page .


Bristol Poetry Prize is launched on National Poetry Day each year.

Competition judges have been Penelope Shuttle (2014), W N Herbert (2015) and Liz Berry (2016).

The entry fee is £6 per poem, with two free subsequent entries for subscribers to the Poetry Can Membership Scheme.

The first prize is £600, plus the chance to read your poetry at the Bristol Poetry Festival.

The second prize is £300 and the third prize is £100.

For full details and how to enter please visit the Bristol Poetry Prize page

Glenn Slam   Patience Agbabi   Isambards   Ian MacMillan



Donate to Poetry Can

Or if you prefer, you can make a donation, however small, however big, towards our ongoing programme.

To make a donation, follow the links below to fill in a postal donation form or make an online donation by PayPal.

Our donation form includes a Gift Aid declaration: completing it will allow the Poety Can to reclaim tax on your donation.

If you are considering making a substantial donation and would like more information from us before you do so, or if you would like to make a payment by BACS please contact .

 Colin Brown, Poetry Can Director, 12 Great George Street, Bristol, UK, BS1 5RH

Tel: 0117 933 0900  

Your donation will be acknowledged (unless you would prefer it to be anonymous) on the Poetry Can website


To donate to Poetry Can using Gift Aid you can download a form here:

Gift Aid .pdf format  or  Gift Aid .doc format  

then fill it in and send it to Poetry Can at the address below with your donation cheque. 


Alternatively download and fill in a donation form:

Donation form in .pdf format    or     Donation form in .doc format

and send it, with your cheque payable to The Poetry Can, to: The Poetry Can, 12 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RH


Or use the link below to donate by PayPal
(You do not need to have a PayPal account - PayPal accepts credit and debit cards)






Thank you. Your support is very much appreciated.