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  Milk Poetry @ TF Theatres - Bristol








 Performance Event

Tobacco Factory Theatres
    Raleigh Road, Southville,  Bristol
Monday 13th June
  Details: Featuring

Harry Baker
World Slam Champion turned full-time poet via a maths degree. When Harry recently searched ‘Poetry’ on YouTube, his video was the first thing to come up.  He’s yet to work out if this means he is genre-defining of if it’s just stored in his cookies because he’s searched for himself one too many times in the past. Further research needed.
“I’m In the Harry Baker fan club” - Jacqueline Wilson

Theresa Lola
Theresa Lola is a British Nigerian Poet.
She was shortlisted for the 2016 Bridport Poetry Prize, and 2016 London Magazine Poetry Prize. Her poem 'Portrait of Us As Snow White' was a highly commended winner for the 2017 Charles Causley Poetry Prize.
She is the current Hammer & Tongue National Slam Champion.

Caroline Teague
Ukulele playing, piano tapping, poetry hollaring, story telling, doodle scribbling London lady. Caroline's poetry is intensely personal, beautifully real- she's a real Milk Poetry favourite!

And the "emerging" Acts:

Imogen Downes and Erica England present "Six Swans"
"In the blanket of the night, as the forest wrapped itself around her like bedsheets in a night mare... the girl began to sew. And sew. And sew. And sew..." 
This is a story about a girl, her family, and a curse that changes everything.
This is a story about what it means to hold your tongue for the ones you love.
Join Imogen Downes and Erica England as they re-tell this fairy tale by the brothers Grimm, with original spoken word and music.

Hosted by Malaika Kegode.


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