Obituary of Jeremy Mulford,
Falling Wall Press founder
and co-editor of Raceme


Jeremy Mulford has died aged 79. Jeremy was a poet, publisher and editor who founded Falling Wall Press in the early 1970s as a way of disseminating radical pamphlets on education and the women’s movement by authors such as Harold Rosen and Sheila Rowbotham.

As the venture thrived he also published books such as Worktown People, a collection of Humphrey Spender’s photographs from northern England, Eleanor Rathbone’s The Disinherited Family and the widely read Nella Last’s War, the second world war diaries of a housewife.

By the mid-80s Jeremy had also founded Loxwood Stoneleigh, an imprint of Falling Wall Press that published poetry, playscripts, artworks and fiction, including material by Julia Ball, Catherine Byron, John Downie, Leah Fritz, Sarah Lawson and Wendy Mulford, his first wife.

More recently, Jeremy was co-editor, along with Matthew Barton, of Bristol's quarterly poetry magazine Raceme.

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