Helen Dunmore, poet and
author, dies aged 64

Poet and novelist Helen Dunmore, who only recently revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer, has died at the age of 64.

The author of 12 novels, including Orange prize winner A Spell of Winter, as well as 10 poetry collections, Dunmore revealed her diagnosis in March, as well as her pragmatic attitude towards death.

“The ground beneath my feet has never been more uncertain, but what is sure is that the ambulance has already called and there is no vagueness about my mortality,” she wrote in the Guardian.

“I may be ill but I’m also warm and sheltered, surrounded by family and friends and with medical help a phone call away,” she added. “I think of a young man or woman in the Middle East who has lived less than a third of the years that I’ve enjoyed and is now alone in a cell, tortured, condemned to death, silenced and very likely denied even a funeral.”

For the full obituary visit: www.theguardian.com/poet-and-author-helen-dunmore-dies