Monkton Wyld Writing and
Performance Weekend
18 - 20 May 2018


Monkton Wyld Writing and Performance Weekend

with the Bard of Windmill Hill: poet and storyteller

18th May 7.00 pm (for dinner) – 20th May 5.00 pm

£180 including all meals and accommodation

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Course detail:
We will be exploring the skills involved in writing and performing poetry and short stories. It is suitable for anyone who is interested in exploring their potential as writers and performers. More experienced people will find it useful to build on their skills by learning new approaches and techniques.

Developing writing and performance skills is not only rewarding in itself but has the benefit of improving confidence and presentation skills in everyday life. In addition to writing exercises we will be analysing and practising the vital yet often neglected art of stagecraft. This will all happen in the framework of a supportive and structured setting.

Course tutor:
Trevor Carter, known as the Bard of Windmill Hill, is the only poet to have won Bristol’s Storyteller of the Year award and has published four successful books. He has performed at many festivals and theatres around the UK and has run workshops in schools and at festivals. He is a qualified teacher and trainer and has been co-organiser and poet in residence of Bristol’s longest running variety show for ten years.

Outline of content:

Friday: After dinner we will spend some time getting to know each other and look at the plan for the weekend. I will then entertain you with a selection of my work, including my prizewinning story.

Saturday: We will start by exploring writing skills, followed by exercises. Later we’ll work on reviewing, editing and performance skills. The evening will be occupied with sharing our results!

Sunday: We will spend more time on editing and practice our performance skills. After lunch we will share completed works and review what we have achieved.


“I had never been to a creative writing workshop before. I liked this. I was told it would just be some bloke pontificating! … but there was a structured lesson and we all got to write a piece! Complete with tips and tricks.” Caroline Easthope

"Your insight is matchless...highly rewarding." Sadia Gill, Corporate Communicator, Switzerland

"My supervisor commented on my improved performance at work and better grasp of grammar and comprehension." Trainee teacher 

The Bard of Windmill Hill

Poet, satirist and award winning storyteller