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The Good Journal seeking
submissions from writers
of colour. 


Submissions for The Good Journal are now open!

The submission window will be between 23rd November 2017 and 3rd January 2018
Anything sent in after then won’t be considered.
There will be further submissions windows in 2018 for further issues of the journal. If you would like to be notified when these open please join the mailing list.
Please read the guidelines carefully then fill in the form at the end.
If you are a publisher or agent who wants information about submitting writers you publish or represent please email thegoodjournaluk@gmail.com
They are looking for work by British writers of colour. Either you are a British citizen, born her or naturalised, or you are a resident of Britain. That makes you eligible. You have to be over 18. In terms of your publishing history, they’re not fussed. They’re only concerned about the work. So, if you’ve never been published before, ever; or if you have a blog; or if you had an essay published online or in a university journal; or if you’ve had short stories published in anthologies; or if you’ve had your first novel published; or if you’ve won major prizes and have had seventeen books published – all they’re interested in is your submission and it being awesome. If you’re usually known for another medium eg film or dance or music, if you have a story you have to tell and it needs to be written, that’s cool too. Basically, they’re looking for all of you. But most of all, they particularly encourage the yous who have never been published before, or are starting out, or have been writing for years but have had no luck getting published – you especially, you… you send your work in.
What exactly is a writer of colour? How do I know if I/my author is one?
Person of colour is a term used to describe any person who is not white. The term encompasses all non-white groups, emphasising common experiences of racism. It typically refers to individuals of non-Caucasian heritage.
What Are They Looking For?
First and foremost, finished work. 
Beyond that they’re looking for essays, articles, features, creative non-fiction, fiction, short stories, poetry, comics, photo essays, extracts of novels. If you’ve got any of those, go for it. It doesn’t have to be on a particular topic. It just has to be good.
Length & practicalities
For prose – anywhere from 2,000 words to 5,000 words. 
For poems – 3-5 poems. 
For comics or photo essays – maximum 2 pages. 
And they only want one submission per person so they really do want you to submit your absolute best work.

Full submission details can be found of The Good Journal website: www.thegoodjournal.co.uk