Random Women Poets
Workshops - Bristol

Julie-ann Rowell runs a writing group in Bristol called Random Women Poets, at The Folkhouse, Park Street, Bristol.

The group has been going for about ten years and involves careful and constructive critique and discussion of trending topics and any poetry-related ideas and subjects.
The group meets on a three weekly basis. New members are welcome. They have a great record of achievements.

The dates for the summer term are:

Wed 18th April 1-4pm

Wed 16th of May 1-4pm

Wed 30th May 1-4pm

Wed 13th June 1-4pm

Anyone wishing to join would need to email Julie-ann first and send some samples of their poetry: julie-ann@jgserv.co.uk 

For more information about Julie-ann Rowell visit www.jarowell.co.uk