Runcible Spoon webzine
seeking submissions

Runcible Spoon is a webzine aimed at showcasing the best in contemporary poetry and prose.

Runcible Spoon is hosted by Kathleen and David Strafford. Kathleen has been widely published in webzines and anthologies and holds a MA in Creative Writing.  
Her debut collection Her Own Language was published in January 2018 by 
Dempsey and Windle.

Kathleen will be attending to all matters editorial, while technical and publishing aspects are left to David's expertise.

As a webzine, the lifeblood of the site will be the contributors and the readers so if you like the work on the site and would like to see your work alongside it, send in a selection for consideration.

Runcible Spoon don’t guarantee perfection, but will strive to provide an enjoyable quality read.

For more information about the submissions visit