Deadline 31st March 

Saboteur Awards 2018
Now open for nominations

The Saboteur Awards are back! You can nominate in twelve categories covering the span of indie literature, from spoken word to short fiction, via collaborations and hard-to-define works.

The Rules

The rules are simple: one entry per person (or computer! The form is very sensitive – this is the compromise for keeping things anonymous!)

For your entry to count, you need to nominate in a minimum of three categories.

So for instance, if you are a fan of poetry, you should be able to nominate at least a poetry pamphlet, magazine, and publisher. Ditto, if you are into spoken word, you could nominate at least in the best spoken word performer, show, and regular night categories. And so forth. You can of course nominate in all twelve categories too!

The works of current Sabotage Reviews editors are not eligible.

Writing the same name in each category is a quick and easy way to get your entry disqualified.

Please help us to identify the works you are nominating by including details such as location (if it’s a spoken word regular night) or author/editor names for books… Sometimes a lot of things have the same name!

Nominations close on 31st March, and the shortlist will be announced on 9th April. 

The results will be announced on 19th May 2018 after a two-day festival.

This year’s Saboteur Awards are made possible thanks to a Grant for the Arts from Arts Council England.

For more information about the nomonating and to make your nominations visit