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Battered Moons Competition 2013 Results

Battered Moons announce the winners and commendations for Battered Moons Poetry Competition 2013,

adjudicated by Alice Oswald and Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton.


Warm congratulations go to all seven poets,  whose poems will be heard at the Battered Moons event,

during the Swindon Festival of Poetry, on 5th October 2013, with Alice Oswald as guest poet reading from her work.




Alex Josephy, from London, for both ‘Marias‘ and ‘Sister-Brother Treaty‘.



John Gallas, New Zeland-born, from Leicestershire, for ‘Foggy Identities in Paterau‘.



AGG, from Malmesbury,  Wiltshire for ‘Daddy Longlegs‘.



David Clarke, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, for ‘To the Harvesters of Ambergris‘.

Steve Scholey, from Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, for ‘Murtomaahiihto‘.

Jen Campbell, from London, for ‘on crucifixion‘.

Ruth Wiggins, from London, for ‘Confession: I’ve been crumbling antihistamines into your food all week‘.


Thank you to all those who submitted poems – you are the reason why Battered Moons exists and the muscle that moves it.