A Selection of poetry collections by women chosen by E Ce Miller of Bustle.com



Selected journals and other websites in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand (pdf for download)

Compiled by Frank Beck 




MAtthew Stewarts says: 'As the year comes to a close, it's time for Rogue Strands to deliver a selection of The Best U.K. Poetry Blogs of 2015. Like always, this list is hugely subjective and partial, and also getting longer, which indicates the terrific state of health of the poetry blogging scene in the U.K.. Of course, a few blogs have faded away since last year, but many others have come roaring through.'




The previous and current young poet laureate for London (Aisling Fahey and Selina Nwulu) offer their tips for a career in poetry, from online networks to how to combat a blank page



Roy Marshall writes on poetry, ego, success and rejection. A few thoughts and reminders to self.



Mark Yakich says: 'At one time or another, when face-to-face with a poem, most everyone has been perplexed. The experience of reading a poem itself is as likely to turn us off, intellectually or emotionally, as it is to move us.'



Canal Laureate, instigator of 52 and former National Poetry Day organiser, Jo Bell, offers up some advice on what to look out for when writing your poetry.



The anti-laureate of the People's Republic of Cork offers up some advice on how not to read.



Richard Skinner interviews Ian Duhig for The Compass Magazine online




Robert Peake says that the simplest but least useful way to think of poetry is as two types: good or bad. Yet for those willing to look deeper, there is much to be gained from attempting to understand and appreciate the wide and varied landscape of contemporary poetry.


Often quoted, but rarely interviewed, Mary Oliver is one of our greatest and most beloved poets. She’s just released a new volume, Felicity, at the age of 80 and so On Being are revisiting the interview she granted them earlier this year on the wisdom of the world, the salvation of poetry, and the life behind her writing.



Claire Trevien, referencing an article by Niall O'Sullivan, writes in praise of poetry that makes you work



Rachel Rooney, winner of the CLPE Poetry award 2012 with The Language of Cat, shares the five things she wishes she'd known about poetry before she started writing it



Poet Paul Cookson orders you to unzip your lips and get poetry off the page and into the air