Paul Muldoon is one the foremost contemporary Irish poets. He has more than 30 anthologies of poetry under his name and has won

numerous awards including the T. S. Eliot Prize and the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. He has worked at a number of universities and has now

been appointed as distinguished professor within the department of English and creative writing at Lancaster University.

He takes up his position in September.

The poet, who died 30 years ago, was a hero and prophet.

His matchless lyricism and love of the past went to the heart of what it means to be English.

Poet, canal laureate, blogger, one-time organiser of National Poetry Day and tireless supporter of poetry, Jo Bell, has drawn up a list of people

who 'really make poetry happen in the UK – the publishers, the event organisers, the evangelists and activists who keep plugging away, year

after year, to keep poetry healthy and diverse and thriving.'

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Source text - "Lying Lips" by William Le Queux
Erasures - Kevin Reid
Added text - George Szirtes & Jo Bell
Illustrations, photographs & images - Sonja Benskin Mesher, Dean Pasch , Mike Powell and Kevin Reid

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