The Writing Platform have compiled a useful list of online tools for writers

Poet, lecturer and researcher Anthony Wilson discusses the poetry blogs that float his boat.

Camille Rankine asks whether poetry has to be about anything on the Poetry Foundation blog.

The Huffington Post asks 5 American Poets 5 questions

A blog for words written and unwritten

Source text - "Lying Lips" by William Le Queux
Erasures - Kevin Reid
Added text - George Szirtes & Jo Bell
Illustrations, photographs & images - Sonja Benskin Mesher, Dean Pasch , Mike Powell and Kevin Reid

Helena Nelson writes about whether poetry pamphlets should be themed on the HappenStance Press website

Patricia Lockwood, featured blogger at Poetry Foundation, asks a difficult question.

Poetry is meant to inspire readers and listeners, to connect them more deeply to themselves even as it links them

more fully to others. But many people feel put off by the terms of poetry, its odd vocabulary, its notorious difficulty. 

Here Edward Hirsch of the Huffington Post suggests 10 terms that are essential to understanding poetry.

Huffington Post suggest 5 forms that might make your poems stand out.

(reference to April being National Poetry Month refers to National Poetry Month in America)

Poetry Review podcasts

Listen to the Poetry Society's expanding series of exchanges between Poetry Review editors and contributors,

past and present, as they explore ideas and issues generated by the issue.

Click the link below to listen to the podcasts:

Scottish Poetry Library's selection of twenty of the best poems by Scottish authors to appear in books, pamphlets and literary magazines during 2013.

And Other Poems simply a blog of poems

Poet and novelist Judi Sutherland muses on why the future of poetry even matters:

Ahren Warner (Poetry London), Maurice Riordan (Poetry Review) and Michael Mackim (Rialto Magazine)

discuss selecting poems for publication in magazines.