Jonathan Edwards takes the reader through his process for writing a particular poem

‘Some people use poetry to express heartache, but I use it to broadcast a message’

The main obstacle to understanding poetry, whether you are talking about Keats or Shelley or Whitman

or even Leonard Cohen, is our ingrained tendency to be very literal in communication.

North East Poet Kate Fox raises the issue of what poets should be paid.

Martin Crucefix is half way through the process of judging this year’s Torriano Poetry Competition and offers

a compilation of thoughts on the judging process.

Penning poetry for the one you love? Here are five basic rules by Britain’s former poet laureate

 John M Sweeney says

'if anyone could predict which books will sell, publishing wouldn't be the dumb business it really is.'

Robert Peake, an American poet living in Britain, shares his thoughts on craft and innovation

Andrew O’Hagan prepares to complete a journey around the British Isles begun with Seamus Heaney, and reflects on his lifelong immersion in poetry, and celebrates poets as risk-takers and miracle-workers.

 Maitreyabandhu says spiritual life is primarily concerned with overcoming self-centredness, with committing

ourselves to values such as empathy and insight. Poetry can be a spiritual practice, a way of life.

Trinidadian poet Roger Robinson talked to Katy Georgiou about dealing with rejection and why poetry

is a mission, not a business.

Ian Gregson, Professor of Creative Writing at Bangor University wonders if universities are doing poetry

books a disservice.